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Brothertouching, latin music *.*

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Dominion (kinda), Defiance S2

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well basically a big mix of ale fernandez and ale sanz, david bisbal, ricardo arjona, franco de vita, marc anthony, noel schajris... you get the idea. if it's male and speaks/sings in spanish, there a great big chance of me loving and listening to it.

currently dying for fdtd s2

gone until saturday (august 1st)
no, not the hair! never the hair!;
Me han traído una caracola.

Dentro le canta
un mar de mapa.
Mi corazón
se llena de agua
con pececillos
de sombra y plata.

Me han traído una caracola.


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I get why people don’t like John. I get it. But to just completely misunderstand him and his character - that’s unacceptable.

Believe in that. Believe me. You gotta believe me.
Sam Winchester Graphic Challenge
morelikebrothers vs. trustinglucifer
prompt: hallucination








You made all the males attractive when I thought there was no hope for them. You, my good artist, are a miracle-worker.

Amazing art

fuck i am so turned on right now i feel like there is a flaw in my reproductive system


Be bad is beautiful

I just don’t like that the artist took Ursula’s weight away from her. Like, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. She loved and flaunted that shit.